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We appreciate all sorts of art, and we've tried our hands with a variety of artistic medium and styles. Everything from oils to waters to pastels to ceramics have been attempted at one time or another. However, as is often the case certain genres have risen to the top. Some of the styles we have come to really appreciate and enjoy include graphic art, pixel art, and pointillism. Occasionally our works are created on a commission basis. However, many of our renderings are created simply for the beauty found within. Some are available to the general public.


Over the span of our lives many different crafts were attempted. We tried numerous styles, including cross stitch, macramé, needlepoint, sewing, quilting, and probably a few others that we can't remember. Ultimately quilting became our thing. We fell in love with the artistry and creativity found in the quilting process. But, instead of sticking to patterns, we found excitement - and beauty - in going outside the box. We appreciate the aesthetic that comes in mixing and matching patterns, colors, and styles, to create unique and often amazing creations. We even got to the point where we created some of our own patterns.


Within our ranks there is also something of a computer background, namely programming. The creativity and imagination that can be found in games these days is nothing short of phenomenal. It only made sense then that we would attempt to expand our creative borders by getting into computer games. Computer animation calls for much of what we already do, graphic and pixel arts. We have the programming skills, we like to think we have the artistic skills, and we love games, so why not. Several titles are already in the pipeline.


A subject that is beautiful in itself gives no suggestion to the artist.
It lacks imperfection.
-- Oscar Wilde --


My husband told me if I didn't stop quilting he was going to leave me.
I'm sure going to miss him.
-- Jill Lynch --


Hard to figure out, but love it.
-- Game Purchaser --


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